A Queen, A Revolution, and Prom?

If you enjoy YA fantasy books like the 'Red Queen'  you're going to love Reign!

It's tough to navigate high school with politics and social hierarchy. Now, as the Wiccan Queen, it just got a lot harder for Willow. Never mind the balancing act of her extended family drama and the start of a new relationship with Rhydian that has her questioning his blood vow. To complicate matters, Rhydian's father is maneuvering toward a plan of power.
Willow is determined to set a new course for Edayri and herself by finding a path between what is right, what is tradition, versus what is needed for all of Edayri. This puts a target on her back with Noble Covens and Phantoms that wreak havoc in her ordinary world of Chepstow, Massachusetts.
Is it too much to ask for a regular date and an uneventful Prom?


Early reviews for Reign

"What an adventure! What a perfect follow-up to Magick, my heart is pounding. Can't wait for book 3, Sacred!"

"Loved getting to know the characters even more and seeing Willow balance her crazy new life. The ending - wow! Perfect, just perfect."

"...Prom! Rhydian and Willow, I can't help but root for them and smile while reading.  Evan, he cracks me up in this one, some of my absolute favorite scenes are with Willow's uncle.  The family drama is the cherry on top."

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