A Living As An Author

Updated: Feb 20

There will always be neigh sayers to most things creative. Making a living is relative to your expenses and where you live. It's subjective, making a living as an author. For me personally, I'm investing more than reaping the rewards financially. I look at this time as my education. Being an author is a slow build, nothing - and I mean - nothing is an overnight success. If, by chance, you are a 'true' overnight success as an author, you are beyond gifted, hit the lottery, and are one lucky person. Sustainability is another topic altogether.

I have to remind myself that I'm playing a long game, especially when I'm down. Of course, I want sales and reviews, I want that hybrid deal in the future, but I also want more experience and to feel confident in what I produce. The long game doesn't always give you satisfaction financially, especially at the beginning, be prepared to lose and be okay with it. It's the cold hard truth.

What does give you satisfaction is the people you meet that support you along the way. The teachers and mentors, the nuggets of wisdom, and the skills you gain. I've said it a lot lately that being a writer is a team sport. It takes quite a bit of support from other players, fans, and coaches to polish a manuscript to publication.

It's many an author's goal to live off their stories, but it's hard work, and you gotta work for it. The key, I believe, is defining your success in short measurable, realistic ways. Find the positive as you go in your journey and pay it forward to other writers/authors. Remember, it was once you, the aspiring author.

For those of you here now with me, thank you with all my heart. Your support is the world to me, and I'm grateful.