Can't vs. Won't

It isn't easy to balance time between all the things we have to do as adults and including time for ourselves, whether writing or any other activity.

I talk about the word 'can't' and how it's saying more than you realize.

The mindset of making a plan and working the plan is one where you're trying. I know that when you're taking a step forward, fear can stop and paralyze you. When you get in your head that you can't do something you're right; you can't because you are saying you won't.

Does this change things for you when you realize this? Maybe? It did for me.

I think it's alright if you conclude that you can't do something that's fine, maybe another time or not at all. Plans and timing can change outcomes for all of us. The key in my experience is to move forward in finding the balance that is fit for your purposes.

Small steps are better than no steps. Celebrate each step because they are momentum in moving you forward.