Horror Vampire Stories & Scares - What's next

Updated: Feb 20

It could be the time of year, or maybe I'm looking for a new thrilling challenge; either way, next in my writing queue is a vampire story. It may be YA fantasy we'll see as I play with the outline more; I am tempted for an adult story. I do know that ravens will be involved along with a curse, as if being a vampire isn't a curse? I like to play with themes and a lingering question when I write.

I'm usually not much for the horror genre, but I appreciate it more and more as an author. It's the character development and the fear element that steams from carefully written prose. Some stories really scare me, while others don't. It's not the jump-scare; it's the trauma and fear of the unknown that get me.

Do you have a favorite book that scares the bejesus out of you? Do you have a favorite vampire story?

I re-read Bram Stoker's Dracula and fell in love with all over again. I've read and loved so many vampire books and movies. Some of my favorites include; True Blood, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dark-Hunters, Blade, The Originals, Van Helsing, Twilight, and Buffy the Vampire Hunter. I think it's the predator and immortal aspect tied in the emotion of a lingering human spirit and soul that drives me to enjoy these stories. This must be what is driving me toward this story that has been plaguing my mind lately.

Maybe it's the time of year and the inundation of scary movies and stories being replayed on television?

There are so many different scary/horror stories to consume. They each have their own imprint; for example, I also love VE Schwab's the Monster's of Verity duology; it's marketed as a YA horror. The symbolism in the duology of what defines a real monster versus a literal one had me at hello. I am drawn to these types of stories that bend your mind and test your ideas. I'm devouring the Locke & Key graphic novels as well as the show on Netflix (they are quite different from each other, in really compelling and great ways).

The most successful scary/horror stories to me are ones that use the plot as a backdrop and focus more on the characters. It mirrors how I feel for really successful sci-fi too. I feel a short story coming on to test my writing chops in horror... it's going to be fun!

Happy Halloween.