You Can Succeed with a Feather

Updated: Feb 20

Success is word that is defined as you see fit for yourself. It could be monetary, emotional, physical, healing, or even task-oriented. How I look at success is I can succeed with a feather, meaning simply by the start of an idea or notion for all the above aspects defined for success. It all has to start somewhere right?

This year has been quite a challenge for the world in a pandemic. Quarentine orders and socialization becoming more virtual. Missing the freedoms of a physical life that leads you to social gatherings. I don't need to tell you what you already know. This year has been a blur of news (or infotainment as I call it) that you can't always trust but are aware that the world is in a state of evolutionary change. It starts with a feather.

For me, my feather in writing is to complete 3 books (The Unwanted Series) in a 12 month timeframe. This began last February. The push was by my editor to make sure and finish this series before I jump into other stories, so this has been my goal, my resistance at times, and my training.

Time is a measurement that is standard and quantifiable. When your in the middle of that time it's hard to see the other side until you have a perspective of looking at the past. I bring this up because of the push to finish 3 books in one year is coming quickly. For some this is a simple, manageable task; for me, I've learned it's not without struggle and compromise.

I've learned a lot about myself and self-publishing over the last year. I'm gaining invaluable experience of doing and achieving. This feather had weight and body that the wind was not carrying it away. The point is when you have a notion let it develop, cultivate it, but remember it's only a feather and your success is defined by you.